Stay connected for those that live alone. Let family and friends know everyday!

In the 2015 census, it is reported that 40% of Americans 60 and older live alone. Many of these people are otherwise healthy and DO NOT need daily visits or contact from health-care professionals or social services. But they do hope that someone will be aware if there is a problem. SayOkay offers a solution to that need.

  • Define your unique check-in "window"
  • Name a person or person(s) to be alerted
  • Respond to daily (email) check-in reminder
  • Fail to check-in.. an alert (email) will be sent

Check-in everyday for your own peace of mind and for the peace of mind of your family and friends.


SayOkay was built by me to allow people like you to notify friends and family when something is amiss. Check-in each day between 8am and 1pm (or other time that is convenient to you) and if that check-in is missed, an alert will be emailed to each person that you specify in your profile. Those alert-emails will continue for several hours until the check-in is complete, or the account is disabled automatically.


I'm retired and live alone and don't get out on a regular basis. I speak with friends and family whenever possible but sometimes there are normal gaps in that contact. I might be missed at church but even then, I don't go every week so nobody there would be concerned if I was missing for a week. After-all, I'm not sick or anything. SayOkay gives me and my family some piece of mind in knowing that concerns will be raised if necessary.

new member... Framingham, Massachusetts


I live in a quite, over-fifty residential community with over ninety individual homes. Several of the owners don't get out much and can benefit from being checked up on occasionally. I was able to encourage and help those who were willing to join SayOkay, and I am able to keep tabs on each as they complete their daily check-in. Some have me set up as someone to be alerted when check-in is missed. SayOkay gives me a simple, one-page view where I can see who might need a call or visit.

resident... Homes at Dyresville Field, Ohio

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